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Mistress Skorpia

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I am Mistress Skorpia, an elite London and international Mistress. I am considered one of the world’s most extreme Dominas, as I excel in edgeplay, sadism and heavy breath control. As intimidating as that may sound, rest assured that I do not expect My every encounter to be with a masochist or a suffocation slave! I also enjoy creative roleplays, mind control and chastity slaves, along with many other aspects of BDSM.


BDSM has always been a core part of My sexuality, in fact it’s impossible for Me to imagine one without the other. Although I am most often attracted to women, I tend to take the greatest pleasure in dominating men. I am very aware of My own beauty, and I love to tease and tantalise submissives with My sexuality.


I truly believe in Female Supremacy, and nothing pleases Me more than seeing a slave at My feet, begging for the opportunity to worship Me. The power exchange and My natural superiority in the situation gives Me a huge thrill, and the infectious energy and enthusiasm that I give off means that My slaves are always aching for more.


I started My journey into professional Domination when I was an undergraduate at university, having already explored D/s dynamics and kink in my youth. I did not do any research into femdom content, fetish clubs or other fetish practitioners, because My imagination was already overflowing with ideas and inspiration. I simply set Myself up in the way that worked for Me, and ten years later I have never looked back.


Visually I am clearly a Goddess; I am slim with a naturally curvaceous hourglass figure, My fair porcelain skin forming the perfect canvas for my striking yet delicate feminine features. I may be young and beautiful with a penchant for playfulness, but do not be fooled - I am a very strict Dominatrix that commands the utmost level of respect and obedience from My slaves.


My alternative appearance with numerous piercings and an ever changing hair colour should suggest that I am no newcomer to the scene, and with over a decade of sadomasochistic experience, I enforce effective discipline with exquisite style. I am British and I speak with the articulate, well spoken accent of a sophisticated young lady, which only serves to make my lewd language even more startling. My voice is one of My sexiest, most intoxicating features, not least because I understand the power of words and exactly how to use them.


For Me this is a lifestyle, not a job, and I am a passionate fetishist and kinkster. I only invite slaves to serve Me when I feel that there is genuine compatibility, which at minimum requires a number of mutual interests and a real eagerness to please. I am very selective to ensure that each and every encounter is enjoyable for all concerned. To that end, please do not be offended with My honesty if I recommend for you to search elsewhere.



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